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  • Master The Sales Scripts For Success – Don’t risk flunking your deals by saying the wrong thing. Our daily script practice is designed to help you stay on top of your game in every deal.
  • Generate Endless Leads – Mastering this skill alone will skyrocket your income. Learn how you can generate quality leads that are happy to work with you without exhausting yourself like most realtors.
  • Master Sales, Persuasion, & Closing – Your income as a real estate agent is directly tied to your ability to sell. Master the art of sales and never miss another target.
  • Build Momentum & Stay Driven – Momentum breeds success. No matter what you do, you’re bound to burnout at one point or another. Learn how to keep the momentum going and always stay driven.
  • Handle Buyers & Sellers With Confidence & Build Lasting Relationships – Always create win-win outcomes for yourself and your clients, and build relationships that bring you endless referrals.

Information You Won’t Find ANYWHERE Else:

  • Learn how to secure your first high-end transaction!
  • Learn how to handle the affluent client – what are their expectations…
  • Features of the home – need to know the product
  • Community involvement – How to get integrated!
  • Knowledge & Education – better know what you are talking about!
  • Confidence – do you feel like you belong? Do you see yourself selling Premium Properties?
  • Sphere of influence – to Sphere of affluence!


“We can show you the development side of the industry as well… Now you have leveled up, and you are talking wealth creation! Buy, hold, flip, rent, refinance, major tax strategies… all things which will be covered in the Real Estate Development course!” – Johnny Pryor


Real Estate Development – Flipping homes!

  • How to find the deal – is it actually a good deal?
  • How to finance the deal – lending is a key element!
  • What trades are needed – who is building, is their skin in the game?
  • Sell or hold strategies – Major Tax Benefits!

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